Why Use Candle Lanterns In Place Of Electric and Natural Gas Lighting

Natural Gas Lighting

When you have a large outdoor space, you should utilize it very well. You can plant a garden and place seats where guests can sit and have an outdoor dinner. Next, you should think of what kind of lighting to use.

Well, there are plenty of options. You can use. They range from electric lanterns, propane fueled lights to outdoor hanging lights. One of the best options for your outdoor lighting is candle lanterns. These are a good option for lighting your yard due to several reasons.

One, you can use flameless candle lanterns. This means that they will produce enough lighting for your outdoor and save you the costs of buying new candles. They are designed to burn at a slower rate so they will last longer. Furthermore, candle lanterns come in handy when there is no natural gas or if there is a blackout.

They save costs. Generally the candles do not use electricity or gas like other types of lighting. This means that you will be saving on gas as well as getting a lower electricity bill. If you wish to leave the candle lanterns on for a longer time and are worried about them getting finished too fast because of the wind, you can put glass around the lanterns.

Another advantage that candle lanterns have over electric or gas lighting for your outdoors is that they have a more beautiful outlook. The flickering of the candle is enough to create a good mood while enjoying a glass of wine on your patio or your yard in the late evening. The candle is bright enough to provide vision but also dim enough to enable you to feel cosy, relaxed and refreshed. This would be a good way to relax in the evening after a long day, not to mention the fact that it would be perfect for an intimate dinner if you ever host one.

Candles do not explode or get electric failures. Although it is possible for a candle flame to be blown away and cause a fire, precautions can be taken to prevent this. One of them is putting glass around the lantern or using the flame-less candles. With gas, there are chances that there could be a danger to you or your family should any valves be left open. This is why you should choose an outdoor candle lantern.

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There is also the fact that there are candle lanterns that use candles designed from other material other than wax. This is a saving technique because you will not have to replace the candles regularly. They can last longer and you will still have the outdoor lighting that you require. Considering the fact that you will not have to light up all the lanterns everyday, these should be able to offer you a good amount of service.

Unlike natural gas lanterns, candle lanterns are silent. This means that you do not have to deal with noisy lanterns from the natural gas being produced. This is ideal when you want to relax around your pool and read a book or take a lazy swim. They are also ideal for a romantic dinner on the patio.

In addition to that, electric lighting may be affected by faulty switches or you will have to replace burnt bulbs. This is avoidable with candle lanterns. You will rest easy knowing all you have to do is replace the candles and clean up the wax which is pretty easy to do.

It is important to observe caution to keep candle flames from causing fires.

Why Choose Candle Instead Of Natural Gas Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many options. You can choose which suits you best to make the place look and feel warm, elegant and cosy. Outdoor lighting is not a decision you should take lightly, as apart from the beauty of the home, there are other parts of your life it affects.

Choosing the right kind of lighting for your home is crucial in all aspects. This is why you should opt for candle lighting instead of gas. The candles will be placed inside lanterns and will provide both the lighting and the warmth that you need. Here are some other reasons why any home owner should opt for candles instead of natural gas lighting.

Beauty Aspect of the Candle Lantern.

Candle light brings out the beauty of the place. It burns just low enough for the light to look warm and romantic. There are many colors available for your outdoor candles. These give you options on how you would wish to have the place transform. You can even use different shades for each lantern and enjoy the colors blend with your outdoor decor. If you have an outdoor pool, candle lighting will be marvelous as the flickering reflects on the ripples in the pool water.

This sight is breathtaking and will make you appreciate your outdoors more. It will be great as it will enable you to spend more time on your patio or pool or yard and even encourage you to have dinner outdoors.

Cost Effective.

The other major factor is cost. Candles cost less than it would cost you to have gas lighting. Considering you will be using gas for other uses in your home,for example cooking, gas bills will be higher when you use it for outdoor lighting. If you are worried that candles are not reliable because they tend to get finished quickly, you can use the candles made of different material other than wax.

These will last longer. You can also cover up the lanterns with glass to ensure the wind doesn’t burn the candles too fast, thus saving more. You can leave candles on for a longer portion of the evening without having to worry. Using gas will have you worried that the cost will be high.

Less Noise.

The noise produced when the gas is being produced in order for it to be burnt may not feel like a big deal, that is until you try candles. They are quiet and will give you the silence you crave for after a long day or if you are having a quiet romantic dinner. The candles will be ideal if you do decide to play a little low music so as to create a good mood.

Less Risk.

When it comes to gas, there is always the risk of an open valve leading to an explosion. This can injure you. With the right precautions, candles are much safer. Since they are outdoors, you should ensure the flame is properly protected to prevent it from being blown away. If this is done, then you will not have to worry about any accidents. Once the candle burns out, you will remove the wax easily, clean the glass cover and replace the candle.

Outdoor candles are pretty easy to come by and they are available in large sizes. This means that if you have a big outdoor space, you can still use candles. They are also ideal if you ever decide to go camping. It is important to ensure you clean up the wax deposited after the candle burns up to prevent build-up which may damage the lantern.